Al Klein | June 16, 2018

Our thanks go to noted watercolor artist Dr. Al Kline. Al demonstrated his watercolor painting techniques on June 16 at the Port Aransas Art Center. He is a very active En plein air painter. We also wish to thank our co-sponsors, the Watercolor Society of South Texas and The Viera, Corpus Christi. Follow this link to reach Al’s website, and sign-up for his e-newsletter!

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In April 2017, Al Kline began his journey in watercolor painting.

I haven’t painted a drop of paint since I was a child. Now, I have discovered watercolor painting at the ripe old age of 56! As a child, I remember painting and drawing at the age of 5 and I continued to exhibit artistic prowess throughout childhood. I’m a surgeon by trade and born in the Netherlands. I now live in Texas. I live on the coast and want to share with you my part of the world, in watercolor! I come from a family of artists and musicians. I have written poetry, composed music.