Annual Tiddle Caylor All Member Show | March 6 to 29, 2020 | Winners Announced!

Artist members of the Art Center are invited to participate in this annual competition and show in March.  Paintings, drawings, sculpture, pottery, and jewelry design are among the items that will be judged.  Guests are invited to vote for their choice all month long. The top three winners and the people’s choice are awarded a group Merit Show.

Many thanks to judges Dinah Bowman, Jane Gillette and Guy Morrow for taking the time to choose three winners from the many talented artists participating in this year’s show.

First Place – “Sunrise Inversion” by Gary Kosmas
Second – “Mystic Moon” by Scott Funk
Third – “Three Blue Palms” by Terry Lewis

Honorable Mention:
Suzanne Balluck
John Morris
Kelly Schaub

Thanks go to our March sponsors,
Karen and Ian Ridout and Family Center IGA


The late Tiddle Caylor

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