Art’e de Mayo | May 3 to 31, 2019


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Art’e de Mayo is an annual group exhibition. This year featured the work of Patsy Evins, Jane Andrle Gillette, Donna Labrie and Patti Pedrotti Yoachum. The fine works on exhibit were also available for purchase. First Friday was May 3 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

We wish to thank our May sponsor:
Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Bureau


Patsy Evins | “Painting is my attempt of chronicling magical moments that stir my soul. My mind lives in an altered world where light, color and the mysteries of the creator splashes precious vignettes that beckoned me to capture their fleeing ethereal essences. Speckled sun lit pathways, brilliantly scarlet hued Autumn vistas, the playful rainbow colored facades of elegant old buildings, even lively fruit with personalities that beg to be express with my brush, all call to me. Recording these mystical happenings in paintings helps point to glimpses of the true meaning of life. Moments of ecstatic joy can be had, beholding nature’s magical moments. It becomes a source of refreshment, bringing a stream of joy to the observer on a daily basis and an antidote to life’s mundane. To have others feel the presence and upliftment of these magical snippets of perfection can be no higher purpose in life for me.”

Glass Art and Jewelry | Using ancient glass techniques, “I magically transform molten glass into fine art … exquisite flowers and mystical underwater ocean life. I then form them into wearable enchanting adornments that will make you feel exquisitely beautiful, whisking you away to paradise!”

Jane Andrle Gillette | “When I put my brush to paper, my hope is to create work that brings people joy, peace and comfort … that, every single time they look at the painting they purchased, they are happy they invested in it. I hope that my paintings bring a sense of calm, that when looked at remind the viewer that the world is a better place than it sometimes seems.” Jane is a graduate of The University of Iowa with a major in fine art. She challenges herself to grow as an artist, to see the world more uniquely. The joy is when people appreciate her vision. She paints professionally, sells her work and participates in a number of art activities. Galleries: Port Aransas Art Center; B&B Gallery, Alexandria, Virginia; A Show of Hands, Alexandria, Virginia; River Gallery, Galesville, Maryland; Gortz Haus Gallery, Grimes, Iowa; Artist Cove Gallery, Aransas Pass, Texas.

One Artist Shows: All Ability Cycles 2011; Paper Moon 2009; Home for the Holidays 2007; Spring Blooms in Washington 2006; Beach trips 2004; Night Lights 2002; Historic Virginia 2001. Jane has also been in many group shows in several states and has her art in private collections. She also teaches watercolor workshops, and was juror for the Honorable Kristen Amundson, Virginia delegate’s Children’s Art Contest (2000 to 2009).

Donna Labrie | Donna is currently retired and she has been living in beautiful Corpus Christi for the past two years, where she paints on Thursdays at the Corpus Christi Art Center. “I am originally from New Hampshire where I started painting using oils in the mid 1970s for about two years. I did not have any formal art training, but I painted with a group of artists with Loran Percy, a well-known New Hampshire artist. After moving to Florida, in 2001 I started painting watercolors and again painted weekly with a group of artist friends off-and-on for approximately fifteen years. In this group, we did have guidance from trained artists when we requested the instruction. My favorite items to paint are flowers but am also in love with Texas cactus landscapes.”

Patti Pedrotti Yoachum | This artist enjoys painting in acrylics and watercolors. She explores her whimsical side in her work. Spending time with girlfriends inspired the “Mermaid sharing cocktails” image, as women do while capturing each one and her characteristics. Patti shares a “working art studio” in Port Aransas, and is amember artist at the Port Aransas Art Center. You can find Patti at Island Made Art in Port Aransas.