Corporate Sponsors Make A Difference

Corporate sponsors help the Port Aransas Art Center at a more substantial level annually. Their gifts help defray the costs of hosting new exhibitions, educational programs and related activities. Sponsorship donations may be given for general purposes or they can be tied to a specific exhibition or program.

If a monthly exhibition is sponsored, the name of the sponsoring corporation is listed on the exhibition page of the website and in a widget in the margin that links directly to the corporate website. On each exhibition page, social sharing links are provided for a variety of platforms. We share information from our website on social media, and corporate sponsor information is then shared in tandem with those postings.

Sponsors are also listed in the exhibition itself and we also share information about our exhibitions in the mid-month MailChimp e-newsletter (see the margin of the website for links to prior issues). We currently have approximately 1,000 individual subscribers.

We welcome your inquiries about upcoming exhibitions and programs, and other ways the Art Center can acknowledge your sponsorship.

There are two basic sponsorship levels, and more substantial commitments and partnerships are certainly welcome. We would be grateful for your support. Your gift will have a meaningful impact on our annual operating budget, and it will enable the Art Center to provide the finest programming possible year-round.

You may mail your check to the Port Aransas Art Center (P.O. Box 1175, Port Aransas, Texas 78373), or you may make your donation securely online:

Thank you in advance for your consideration! And please contact us anytime for information about upcoming exhibitions and programs. You may reach us by phone or use the secure email form found on this website. If a meeting in person would be of interest, we would welcome your visit (advance scheduling requested). Thank you again.