Jacob Augs

Jacob Augs is a classically trained professional artist who takes his inspiration from the energy and beauty of nature. He has trained at The University of Houston, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, and The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. He was a Professor of Fine Art at Texas A&M Corpus Christi, and is currently a professional Artist and Designer living in Corpus Christi.

 “It is an amazing natural world. There are infinite systems all around us that define and make-up the physical characteristics and vitality of our Laguna Madre and Gulf of Mexico. My landscapes are my interpretations of the teleology of the places I love.  I like to go places in my art; a great landscape does this for me.  My paintings are snapshots of places that I can identify with, and are places where I want to spend time. The scenes I create carry a subtle narrative for me. I can, given my history with a certain place, create moods of sincerity, melancholy, reverence, and amazement. That is the beauty of making art for me. It is not enough for me to just be an illustrator or graphic designer. I have dedicated myself to the goal of becoming an all around artist, and being multi-faceted. I enjoy using all kinds of media, and not letting the concept of being a “painter” or “sculptor” take away from opportunities to expand my skills and incorporate blends of media that can portray my art in new ways.

Show me what you like to paint, and I will show you your priorities.”