First Friday | May 4, 2018 | Photos from the Event

Our First Friday in May was held in honor of the new exhibition, Art’e de Mayo, named in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo is an annual celebration held in Mexico on May 5 commemorating the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza.

Thanks go to our exhibition sponsor, Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Bureau, and to the volunteers who helped set up and manage the event on May 4.

Artists in the Art’e de Mayo exhibition include Angalee DeForest, Dinah Bowman, Janelle Cox and Laura Griffith.

Above are Instagram photographs taken during the May 4 event. Please see our new Instagram page, and follow us there! On Instagram, you will also find a few videos taken during this First Friday.

We hope you will come see the exhibition while it is on view. Please reach out to us if you have questions, by using the secure contact form found on this website.