Laura Orchard | Drop In & Draw Instructor

The earliest memory I have of my fascination with art was, believe it or not, at the age of 3. I am primarily interested in clay although my experimentation has extended the gamut from drawing to watercolor, some acrylics and most recently, glass fusion. Based out of Papalote, Texas, life has recently become peaceful and serene again because I have declared myself on sabbatical! My formal art training consists of 36 graduate hours from Texas A & M Kingsville. I will say, some of my most invaluable training came from my father-in-law who, as it turned out, had some pretty incredible training of his own.

“Art is such a perfect way to capture key moments in life”.

Creating art reminds us to enjoy nature, adventure, and life! When something touches my heart or soul, I want to capture it so I can relive those precious moments in a way that a simple photo can’t. My focus always seems to gravitate to elements of nature. The colors, textures and movements always remind me of the harmony that makes life worthwhile. When immersed in creation I sooooo enjoy the process of exploring the capabilities and capacities of the medium I am working with; how far can I stretch it, what byproducts or natural properties will I discover in the process? The big reward is when I share my creations and another soul appreciates and benefits from my work.

– Laura Orchard