New Building Leadership

The Port Aransas Art Center has come a long way since 1995. Our progress would not be possible without the support and guidance of many. Thanks to the following for outstanding design, construction and furnishings support:

  • Lynn Kramar
  • Thaxton Kypke, Contractor, and Garrett Kypke
  • Greg Smith “Fairy Godfather” (parking lot, ground prep, out buildings site, etc.)
  • Debra Wilbanks Williams and Mala Kay Hudson, Sisters Island Style (for carrying out design ideas and helping to procure all the components)
  • David Walker, Architect

Fundraising Committee

The Port Aransas Art Center realized it needed a new facility back in 2006. It took ten years to obtain enough funding to purchase the land on which our new building now sits. Now that the land has been acquired, fundraising continues to cover the costs of construction. We deeply appreciate the following individuals for the leadership role they have taken to make this outstanding project a reality.

  • Lynn Kramar, Chair
  • Bobbie Mussett
  • Karen Winship Ridout
  • Mary Rose
  • Greg Smith

Advisors: Charles Butt and Rep. Todd Hunter

The Move

Many thanks to all who helped with the move from the old to the new building.

  • Bill Averbach (for use of his trailer)
  • Mary Ann Ballard
  • Barbara Behrens
  • Dan and Debbie Bridge
  • Ron Buhman
  • Annette Casto
  • Norma Gafford
  • Laura Griffith
  • Arlene Hughes
  • Jim Johnson
  • Angus Mathews (for use of his art van)
  • Karen Murray
  • Bobbie Mussett
  • Karen Winship Ridout
  • Ron Smith
  • Nancy Stephenson
  • Zarsky’s Lumber (for use of their trailer and manpower, Michelle, Ray and Mark).