New Logo and “Look” for the Port Aransas Art Center!

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We are excited to announce that the Port Aransas Art Center has a new logo and tandem digital media and product designs!

Created as an in-kind donation to the Art Center as part of the Hurricane Harvey recovery effort, a Texas A&M University Corpus Christi class from the Graphic Design + Visual Communications program participated in the project, which began on September 4, 2018.

From the class, Art Lopez, Hannah Maldonado and Sonny Martinez – part of TAMUCC’s “2018 Graphic Design Internship Class” – came to share the final concepts with the Board on November 28. The project was supervised by Professor Nancy Miller, whose many accomplishments include being a former graphic designer for the Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to the students’ other internships, they met as a class weekly to work on the Art Center project. The class was tasked with creating an updated logo along with web graphics, social media designs, and a new outdoor sign that reflects the activities and character of our mission to offer, “Art & Education, Island Style.”

The class originally offered several excellent logo designs for the Board’s consideration, making the choice a challenging one! But, once a design was chosen, the class created all the other assets based on its design. You can see many of them in the slideshow above.

Our sincere thanks go to Texas A&M University, its students and faculty, for making this important project possible! Also, we wish to thank Port Aransas Art Center Board member and artist, Laura Griffith for spearheading the project from the Art Center’s standpoint, and working closely with the class as the project moved along (shown above at the top of the page, far left).

Thanks again, everyone!