VIP Exclusive | Art Wallpapers

Our sincere thanks go to leading supporters of the Port Aransas Art Center for their financial and in-kind contributions. We could not do what we do, without you!

Our thanks also go to the artists who allowed us to create computer screensavers with their work using Adobe Spark.

Note: this page is hidden from public view. We humbly request that you do not share it with others. Thank you.


VIP Wallpapers

  • Every computer is different. These instructions are our “best guess,” should you need a little guidance about setting up the art screensavers.
  • Download to your computer or laptop the Zip File (link above), which contains all the below screensaver images.
  • Click on the Zip File to “extract” all images. Keep those images in their own, separate folder (by themselves).
  • In the “Settings” section of your computer or laptop, there is a “Personalization” section.
  • In “Personalization” select: “choose album for your slideshow” (or something similar).
  • Select your new folder, and the images should appear as your rotating “slide show” screensaver.

Thank you again for your support of the Port Aransas Art Center.